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Niels Larsen Ltd

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ActivSoft Beam

Practise balancing skills on this beam manufactured with cross linked foam covered in soft vinyl, which gives a firm but comfortable surface for younger children. Hook and loop patches provided at each end to enable two or more beams to be linked providing a longer length. Dimensions: 2500mm long x 80mm high x 240mm wide at base, 150mm wide at top surface. Weight: 2.9 kg

ActivSoft Box

Ideal for use with the springboard, and similarly manufactured with lightweight polyethylene foam and soft vinyl cover. Easy to clean Dimensions: 700mm long x 500mm high x 650mm wide at base, 450mm wide at top.

ActivSoft Segmented Foam Beam 3.6m Including Bag

Constructed from cross linked foam covered in soft vinyl, this beam is supplied in 60cm sections with hook and loop at each end so that the beam length can be varied. Supplied as a set of 6, giving a total length of 3.6m, and packed in a lightweight nylon holdall for ease of transport. Dimensions: 3600mm long x 100mm high x 100mm wide at top, 200mm wide at base. Weight: 3.5kg

ActivSoft Springboard

Manufactured from lightweight polyethylene foam with a soft vinyl cover this is an ideal introduction to springboards. 790mm long x 300mm high x 490mm wide

ActivSoft Truncated Foam Wedge

This wedge features a platform at the higher end so that a child can stand at the top, complete a forward or backward roll, then the cut off end allows the child to stand to complete the skill. Extra width allows side rolls. Note: colours may vary. Dimensions: 1000mm long x 750mm wide x 480mm high/200mm high.

ActivSoft Wide Foam Wedge

Extra wide wedge which can be used for sideways rolls. Constructed from cross linked foam with a soft vinyl cover. Dimensions: 500mm high x 1200mm long x 1000mm wide.