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ActivColour Shape Mats

These polyester-topped mats, each 900 x 430 x 7mm (3’ x 1’4” x ¼”), are ‘colour and shape’ coded, and feature a rubber anti-slip base. • Blue triangle on red • Yellow circle on green • Red square on blue • Green diamond on yellow • Purple hexagon on orange • Orange pentagon on purple Note: not suitable for use in landing situations.

Dual Density Floor Matting

Sport and Leisure Services dual density floor matting is made from a core of foam layers that give a supporting but absorbent landing surface – These mats will be used at the National Trampolining & DMT League event series from 2019

Flex Roll Mats

Mats of the same type as the Flex Mats have long been popular in Cheerleading clubs for their ease of use, durability and light weight design. It’s for these reasons and competitive prices that many clubs, schools and gyms have starting using Flex Roll Mats for their Gymnastics Training.

Flex Run Up

FLEX RUN UP MATS \nIntroducing another great mat in the Flex Mat range. \nOur new Flex Run-Up features the same great Flex grooves in the underside of the mat making for easy rolling and storage. One of the great features of the Flex Grooves is that you do not need to flip your mat over to roll away, simply roll the mat, carpet side in, for extra protection.

Niels Larsen Crash (Safety) Mat

Essential for safer landings and building confidence during somersaults and general gymnastics, and also ideal for Parkour, Free Running and Martial Arts.. Constructed using superior high resistance combustion modified foam with a flame retardant heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC zipped cover with an anti slip panels on the base. The covers have carrying handles, mesh breather holes to expel the air, and toggles to enable several mattresses to be joined to form a larger area. All come with Free Delivery SMG400 1.8m x 1.2m x 102mm (6' x 4' x 4") SMG410 1.8m x 1.2m x 200mm (6' x 4' x 8") SMG420 2.44m x 1.2m x 203mm (8' x 4' x 8") SMG430 2.44m x 1.37m x 203mm (8' x 4@6" x 8") SMG440 2.44m x 1.37m x 304mm (8' x 4'6" x 12") SMG450 3.04m x 1.52m x 304mm (10' x 5' x 12")