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ActivBalance Box

A versatile junior activity box which can be used in a number of ways, with the top removed it can be used as a double balance, with the top on it can be used as a platform for exercise, or for sitting. The top, when inverted, features an additional balance rail at a low level ideal for younger children. Supplied with an additional balance plank 1300mm long which can be used on the incline to access the top of the box from the floor, or linking to other equipment. Carpeted top and balance rails, and the enclosed base can be used for the storage of smaller items, as well as the balance plank The box incorporates slots at each ends which can be used for either lifting & carrying, or to attach linking items. Dimensions: 1200mm long x 300mm high x 490mm wide at base narrowing to 300mm wide at the top.

ActivBar Box Timber/Metal Multicoloured Bar Box

A junior version of the traditional Bar Box incorporating colour as encouragement for younger children. Manufactured with timber uprights, brightly coloured steel bars, and a comfortable padded vinyl top. The 1240mm long x 640mm wide top is large enough for a huge range of activities and movements. Size : Top 1240mm long x 640mm wide. Base 1200mm long x 1020mm wide. Height 680mm.

ActivStepping Stones set of 12

A set of 12 Stepping stones of timber construction, colour stained , with 2 each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Diameter 155mm. ACT675 Set of 12 Activ Stepping Stones.

ActivTower Blocks

A set of 48 natural timber blocks, each 180mm x 65mm x 45mm, also available in a mix of red, blue, green and yellow to add variety to this classic garden or indoor game. Boxed set size: 560mm high x 290mm x 290mm. Weight: 12.65kg.


At last – a vaulting box more suited to younger gymnasts. Comprising 3 sections, with handholds for ease of lifting and the top section with rubber feet so that the vinyl padded top can be used at a lower height giving considerable versatility. The colour coded sections could be used to denote the heights for groups of differing abilities. Dimensions: 1340mm long x 630mm high x 680mm wide at base. Top is 420mm wide, and each section is 185mm high.


A colourful set of balance boards with connectors which can be arranged in various shapes, i.e. zigzag, square and similar. Each board has an engraved design to give different sensations underfoot. The set comprises 8 boards with 2 each of red, blue, green and yellow and corresponding connectors. Each board is 600mm long x 100mm wide, height when in use with connectors is 40mm. \nWeight: 9.5kg