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3 Tier Foam Vault

This 3 section foam vault box allows younger children to learn a whole range of movements in a non- threatening environment. Each section is covered in soft vinyl, with hook and loop flaps to hold each section in position securely. Each section is 200mm high and can be used individually adding to its versatility. Dimensions approx. : 600mm high x 790mm long x 590mm wide at base, 300mm wide at the top. Weight : 8kg

4 Tier Foam Vault

At 1210mm high this vaulting box is almost full height but a great deal less intimidating for younger or less able gymnasts, and is also a great for training for the more experienced gymnast. Constructed in 4 pieces, each 300mm high and with carrying handles, the vault can be used as a complete unit or split into double or individual sections. Heavy duty hook and loop flaps connect each section securely to the next, and each section has an anti slip base for added stability. Dimensions : 1210mm high x 1200mm long x 895mm wide at base, 410mm wide at the top. Weight : 40.6kg


At last – a vaulting box more suited to younger gymnasts. Comprising 3 sections, with handholds for ease of lifting and the top section with rubber feet so that the vinyl padded top can be used at a lower height giving considerable versatility. The colour coded sections could be used to denote the heights for groups of differing abilities. Dimensions: 1340mm long x 630mm high x 680mm wide at base. Top is 420mm wide, and each section is 185mm high.

Four Section Foam Vault

Introducing the new Four Section Vault from Tracks 2000. The trapeze shape vault is made up of four adjustable sections which Velcro together making for an easily adjustable and flexible vaulting box. The Vault is covered in brightly coloured PVC and features a dual foam design which makes the Vault stable yet soft enough for beginners and early vaulting drills and development.

Jr Short Training Springboard

This is a shorter version of the full sized springboard ideal for use by younger children as a transitioning piece before progressing to the larger board. Carpet covered to provide comfort and cushioning underfoot. Max User weight approx 50kg. Dimensions: length 800mm x height 140mm x width 500mm

Jump for Joy Sport Soft Box

This sturdy unit is ideal for traditional vaulting activities and provides jumping platforms and landing areas. A great confidence booster. The three 305mm tiers separate for varied conditioning activities.